MOTI X Filming East Festival Immersive Screening | Ash is Purest White

In collaboration with MOTI UK, Filming East is pleased to announce this exciting immersive screening event at Lola’s Room in The Hippodrome Casino. Ash is Purest White (The Sons and Daughters of Jianghu) is a tragicomedy gangster-style melodrama set from 2001 to 2018 in mainland China. The film narrates the story of Qiao, a young woman lives in a decaying minery town with her widowed father. Her boyfriend Bin is a local mobster and also the gang leader. Qiao fires a gun in in a fatal fight to protect Bin and imprisoned for five years. After being released, she finds everything around her has been inevitably changed during the rapid developing era of China. Then she has to set out to a new journey in the “Jianghu”, where in the end she finds her own one.

There will be a short performance before the screening and a few fun games afterwards. Drinks and snacks will be served, and you will also receive our secret gifts. The venue will create a late 90s to 00s disco atmosphere with neon lights and lanterns. Feel free put on your retro clothing, take photos and immerse yourself into the cinema world.

Big thanks to MOTI and the Hippodrome Casino to help us make this event happen!

Date and Time 13:00-17:00, 9th November 2019
Location Lola’s Room, The Hippodrome Casino, London
Title Ash is Purest White (2018)
Director Jia Zhangke
Language Mandarin
Duration 136 mins
Awards and Nominations Palme d’Or; Cannes Jury Prize; Cannes Best Actress Award; Cannes Best Director Award; Cannes Best Actor Award; Cannes Grand Prix; Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress; Cannes Film Festival for Best Screenplay; Asian Film Award for Best Actress; Hong Kong Film Award for Best Film from Mainland and Taiwan

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