Filming East & CAN Festival 2019

The 1st Filming East Shorts Award will assemble young Chinese ethnicity filmmakers working in the UK and screen the winners’ films across narrative, animation, fashion video and documentaries. The screening session will be followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers sharing their thoughts and experiences.

MOTI X Filming East Festival Immersive Screening

MOTI X Filming East Festival Immersive Screening | Ash is Purest White In collaboration with MOTI UK, Filming East is pleased to announce this exciting immersive screening event at Lola’s Room in The Hippodrome Casino. Ash is Purest White (The Sons and Daughters of Jianghu) is a tragicomedy gangster-style melodrama set from 2001 to 2018…

2018 | Callout: Filming East & CAN Short Film Award

We are delighted to launch the Short Film Callout for the 2019 Filming East & CAN Festival. Organised by both Filming East Festival and Chinese Arts Now, the Short Film Competition is part of the ‘British Chinese Film Day’ of CAN’s festival in January and early February 2019, which aims to support and encourage UK-based Chinese filmmakers to engage a wide range of audiences through their short films.

2018 | Song of the Phoenix (Bai Niao Chao Feng) 12 February 2018

As part of the celebration of Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) in the U.K., BFI Southbank Center had a special screening of Song of the Phoenix in collaboration with Filming East Festival. Ms. Yixi Sun, the director of Filming East Festival gave an introduction at the fully occupied NFT 1. As said by the director of the film, Wu Tianming, the film is for all the future Chinese audience, which is also much appreciated by today’s international audience. With the help of BFI, Wu Tianming Film Foundation and Filming East Festival, Song of the Phoenix had the opportunity to be screened publicly in the U.K., and great respect has been paid to its late director.